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Tufting workshop, 4h, 150€

Kursuse pikkus
4 h
Laevastiku 3, Tallinn

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Sat, 6.04. at 11—15

Sun, 7.04. at 11—15

Mon, 6.05. at 17–21

Fri, 24.05. at 17–21

Tufting with a tufting gun, born as a trend on TikTok, is something you can try with us today! In reality, it’s a very old embroidery technique that the modern electric tool has made fast and accessible. The result is completed in a few hours, and the preparatory work is minimal. We offer 4-hour tufting sessions where you’ll create a unique tufted rug (approximately A3 size, with the longest side not exceeding 35–40 cm), and a sense of satisfaction from engaging in this enjoyable activity is guaranteed.

The workshop aims to introduce participants to the tools and materials of hand tufting and practice practical techniques. After completing the workshop, participants will have all the necessary knowledge to continue practicing the technique independently if desired. We start with tufting small and simple designs to learn how to handle the machine and achieve a correct methodology and understanding, making it easy to tackle more complex projects in the future.

At the end of the workshop, participants will become familiar with various rug finishing options, including the backside. After completing the training, participants will take home a wealth of knowledge and their first hand-tufted, finished, and cleaned handicraft rug.

Watch the TV3 clip about hand tufting, the segment starts at 1:30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58P0zaC796s

The workshop is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender and age, and no prior experience is required. Those under 13 are welcome to join with a supervising adult. The workshop can be conducted in both Estonian and English.

The workshop fee includes the following:

! 4 hours of guided workshop

! All materials and tools for your rug with a longer side of up to 35–40 cm

! Coffee break and a delightful snack

The workshop is led by textile designer Anni Kivisto, who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in the textile design department in 2021. Her main focus is crafting rugs using tufting and punch needle techniques.

NB! This workshop can be booked as an exciting (company) event for groups! Make an inquiry here: https://forms.gle/d3WgVxWrkunT52ix9

Come and join us!

Register and pay by invoice here!

When working on the rug, the backside is always in front. When designing, keep in mind that the rug itself is mirrored.

Four hours of intensive work, and the result is here!

Four hours of intensive work, and the result is here!


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