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Japanese toolbox master class, 14h, €219

Kursuse pikkus
Laevastiku 3, Tallinn

The Japanese tool box is both a practical and poetic beginning to woodworking skills: it is one of the oldest tool boxes made in the same way, with a wedge-locked lid. Why a toolbox? Because it is important for woodworking that the tools are organized and stored, the blades are sharp and the try squares are in the right angle.

During the compact master class, divided into two days, you can try all the basic stages of woodworking — you will learn to measure and mark, cut wood, and you will also have to try out some joints (dado, dovetail joint). Drafting and finishing follows. The work is mostly done with hand tools. We also talk about wood as a living material.

Those who have completed the training can independently continue processing wood with hand tools, design and execute simpler wooden objects. The training is more for advanced people who already have some woodworking experience.

The price of the training includes the following:

– 14 hours of training (including 2 x 30 min lunch breaks)

– All materials and tools to carry out your project (subject to time and skill limits)

– Protective equipment (safety glasses, headphones)

– Tea or coffee and a small sweet upon arrival at the workshop

– Sandwich, fruit, tea or coffee for lunch

The training is conducted by joiner Silver Meejärv, who has been working with wood since 2008. He has studied as a wood technologist at the Haapsalu Vocational Education Center. Silver enjoys subtle and clever wood joints, geometric shapes and ways to combine traditional woodwork with modern technology.

You could come to the training in comfortable clothes that don’t hurt to get dirty. If you want to protect your hair from wood dust, bring your own mist. Bring your water bottle!


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