There is a learning center at the Naked Island workshop building, which offers training and workshops for both individuals and groups, both for the development of practical skills and for exciting leisure time. During the three years of operation, 67 trainings and workshops have taken place, attended by more than 540 people eager to learn. We are constantly developing new exciting workshops, all our trainings are conducted by recognized masters in their field.

Today we have the following learning and DIY options on our menu:

We offer crash courses, master classes and workshops for DIY enthusiasts and creative entrepreneurs. Quick courses are 10 hours of intensive and practical training, the main focus of which is on quickly acquiring the right work techniques. A master class is work under the guidance of a master to make one specific object. A workshop is a 2-4 hour meeting in a club atmosphere focused on learning one specific technique or making an object.

For a company that wants to take its employees away from the usual work environment, we offer the opportunity to organize a team day, a development event or a company party in one of our workshops. We design the event based on your wishes, creative training can be combined with activities in the seminar room. Besides work, we offer coffee breaks and more substantial meals. Ask for an offer here!

We offer the trainer an inspiring learning environment with which to surprise the client and where to conduct his training. At your disposal is a seminar room with furniture and presentation equipment at street level, it is possible to order coffee breaks, snacks and larger meals. You can make a traditional workshop memorable with some creative training from Naked Island. The time spent together in the workshop is unique, and everyone goes home with an object made by their own hands. Our experienced masters have something exciting to offer every group! Nature lovers can end the day with a hike to Pikakar beach.

To celebrate a special birthday, life event or anniversary with friends, we offer the opportunity to spend an exciting day in the workshop doing something that has never been done or experienced before. Young people are welcome from the age of 10 (depending on the creative activity). Besides work, we offer coffee breaks and more substantial meals, as well as cake and prosecco, if desired. Ask for an offer here!

The work of the learning center is organized by the NGO Naked Island koolitused.

The workshop calendar for the fall 2023 season is below.

If you are interested, please write to and ask for more!




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