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Blacksmithing for Beginners, 10h, €179

Kursuse pikkus
Laevastiku 3, Tallinn

Event Schedule

Fri, 1.12.2023 at 18–21, Sat, 2.12.2023 at 10—17, €179

When thinking about blacksmithing, many imagine scenes from a historical film set in the Middle Ages, filled with smoke and soot. Today, it’s quite different! Blacksmithing is a relatively clean and accessible craft for everyone! The workshop welcomes all, regardless of gender and age, who are interested in trying their hand at blacksmithing, creating something exciting, experiencing, and experimenting. No prior experience is necessary!

The goal of the workshop is to offer participants the opportunity to acquire basic techniques, technologies, and safety knowledge for working in a blacksmith’s workshop. The workshop involves the hot processing of metals, teaching hands-on blacksmithing skills, introducing traditional and modern blacksmithing tools. The course helps understand the mindset for approaching blacksmithing, also presenting the history of forging, the basics of blacksmithing design (and design in general), and discussing the importance of craftsmanship.

Those who complete the workshop will be familiar with and able to use the basic equipment and tools of a blacksmith’s workshop, know the main techniques, and be aware of the workshop’s safety requirements.

The workshop fee includes:

  • 10 hours of training (including a 30-minute lunch break)
  • All materials and equipment for creating your first forged item (considering time and skill limitations)
  • Protective gear (gloves, apron, ear protection)
  • Tea or coffee and a small sweet treat upon arrival
  • Sandwich, fruit, tea, or coffee for a midday snack

Blacksmithing is taught by blacksmith Joonatan Mäggi, who has been involved in metalwork since primary school. He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a specialization in blacksmithing and has practiced in active blacksmith workshops under the guidance of experienced masters.

Participants are advised to wear sturdy clothing made of natural fibers (e.g., a hoodie and jeans) that can withstand stains. Footwear should be closed and preferably made of leather or strong textile. Be sure to bring your water bottle!

NB! If needed, the workshop can be conducted in parallel in English. English-speaking enthusiasts are welcome to participate.

NB! This workshop is available for groups! Make an inquiry here: https://forms.gle/d3WgVxWrkunT52ix9

NB! This workshop is half-price for young people aged 12–18, provided they participate with a supervising adult. Young participants receive a discount from the Estonian Folk Culture Centre.

Come and take action!

Register and pay by invoice here: https://forms.gle/YEitUn4wHF922PRh6

Young people are welcome, and everyone can handle it!

We use a gas forge; the medieval era is over…

Guided by an experienced master.
Everyone can handle it! Young people are welcome with a parent; it’s a super quality time!
A selection of blacksmithing tools.
Larger tasks are easier to do together.


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