Welding for Beginners, 10h, from 199€

Kursuse pikkus
from 199€
Laevastiku 3, Tallinn

In 2024, there will be one workshop in English:

Sunday, June 2nd, 10:00–20:00 (in English)

Welding may seem like black (literally) magic, where two cold and hard pieces of iron become one. While it’s a complex and messy technology, the good news is that anyone can handle it! This compact 10-hour course provides an overview of various welding methods, focusing on the most common one—Mig/Mag welding with shielding gas. Tig and electrode welding are also introduced. Participants get to try different welding techniques using scrap metal pieces. After initial attempts, those interested can start assembling a welding puzzle using different machines. The goal of the crash course is to develop a sense of proper welding to understand the limits and possibilities of metal.

Course fee includes:

  • 10 hours of training (including a 30-minute lunch break)
  • All materials and equipment for learning welding (considering time and skill limitations)
  • Protective gear (gloves, cap, mask)
  • Tea or coffee and a small treat upon arrival
  • Sandwich, fruit, tea, or coffee for lunch
  • Welding puzzle “Diamond” (course cost with puzzle 219€)

Instructor: Certified welder Andrei Puzõrjov, who studied at Tartu Vocational Education Centre and has ten years of experience as a welder, specializing in Tig and Mig/Mag welding.

What to Wear: Participants are advised to wear sturdy natural-fiber clothing (e.g., hoodie and jeans) that can get dirty, and closed sturdy shoes, preferably made of leather or strong fabric. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle!

Note: This workshop can be booked for groups! Make inquiries here.

Come and join us! Register and pay with an invoice here.


Embark on a 10-hour welding workshop designed for beginners. The focus is on trying various machines and achieving a good understanding of welding techniques.
The workshop is practical, with the instructor continuously assisting and correcting mistakes.
Around International Women’s Day, the workshop is exclusively for women! Feel free to enjoy and try something new and exciting without men (except for the instructor).
The work takes place in Naked Island’s metal workshop behind the new welding tables.
Various metalworking tools are available for use.
Everyone can handle it! No prior experience is necessary.
Work is in progress!


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